IMG5Do you think, children are allowed to choose a career all by themselves or are they influenced???
Now most of you would say, they are yet immatured, so its better they have a second opinion and then only make a choice.
A second opinion is definitely required in terms of suggestions of people into the field, course structure and its outcome after finishing the course.
But the influence of choosing a career is way away from the above recheck, its a means of making a child choose a career what the parents, society or friends want and not the actual choice of the child.

Who are they typical Influencers.
The major influence is PERCENTAGE, i.e. how much have you scored. If its 80–90% and above then Science, around 70% then Commerce and below then ARTS.
Does Percentage really give you an accurate understanding of the child’s capacity.
Next in line is PARENTS, I want my son to be an Engineer, Doctor etc, as I am one or only these professions are successful. May I ask, is your child capable or is it beyond his capability
Next major influencer is STATUS, which profession rules in the society or is a high paying one. eg. Doctors, Engineers, Scientists and so on. Again is your child capable and what is the  guarantee that after completing his course he would be successful.
Another Influencer and most religiously followed is FRIENDS. My friend is wanting to become a doctor, so will I. Here the friends become a deciding factor for the child. Are they really capable of deciding on the basis of their friends interests. Are both the friends interests and capacity the same.

Whether you agree or not, such influencers are working always and will always work. But the fact is how much does this factor work

Let me clarify, it does not mean, that the child is capable of making a choice and no one should interfere.
What I am trying to say is that instead of dominating, sit across the table and discuss with your child, meet professionals or make a thorough study.
Instead of just choosing on the grounds of money, status or the in-field, choose on the basis of your child’s capacity.
Sometimes his liking or interests can make him more successful than the field you choose for him.
Make a thorough judgement of your child, meet his teachers, or people with whom he spends maximum time with.
Sometimes a Unique, out of the blue profession like an RJ, or voice modulation etc, is where your child can be successful, instead of the hardcore profession.
Notice his creative aspect too with his analytical ability, matched with his interests before choosing a profession for him.
Take help if required from professionals, teachers or Counselors.

Most importantly be Open to Unique and a completely different career. As the world now is looking for Unique talents and since they are rare and cant be cultivated or taught in any school, they are more demanding. Encourage novices in your child and encourage him in the field he chooses, only if you feel it is right for him and he has the required talent. Be a support pillar and not a crumbling wall to his unique talent. Money will follow, if trained and supported at the right junction.

Making a correct choice is necessary or else could be a life-time punishment.

Career Influencers

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