How to change career after 30?

If you’re unhappy in your career, then you’ve likely toyed with the idea of starting over. But maybe your fears of the unknown are holding you back. That’s a perfectly natural and positive reaction. Anyone who jumps headfirst into a new career without a bit of fear isn’t being smart.

The way to push past this fear in the beginning is to ask this all-important question: “Will I regret not going for it?” Will you look back on your life in five, ten, or twenty years and think, “If only I’d taken the initiative to start over when I was (fill in the age)”?

You have plenty of time to start over now and build a new career. Don’t live with regrets. You have to try in order to find out if you can succeed.

Parenting and Children at Risks

Children the most beautiful creation on this planet, but nurturing them to their potentials is another game on its own.

These days hearing of depression, anxiety or relationship issues, addiction issues and majorly suicidal, is very commonly heard at a very young age. When the time is for fun and enjoyment and being a matured person to handle their own issues, children are resorting to all sorts of such issues, leading to complete breakdown and don’t know whom to look out for help.

So is there an issue with their lifestyle, or is career or study the major issue or the friends or neighbors they mingle up or is parenting the issue. No particular reason can be the sole reason. Definitely it is a combination of all the factors, but if we look at it, to some extent, most of our issues are related to our good old childhood days.