In general whomever we meet these days are said to be either intellectually logical or intellectually creative. Very few amongst these are highly confused where exactly do they stand. They are completely unaware as to whether they are the logical or the creative lot.

When asked certain leading questions they form a conclusion to be broken when they see someone else with better traits or more so ever when they see their other side. Then they rush to Psychologists to see where or which side of their brain is dominant.



But the question here is: Do we really have two sides of the brain, then why do we say the Brain as being one entity. Which side or hemisphere controls which side of the brain?? Answers to these questions have been decoded by various top notch scientists, neurologists, dermatoglyphs etc. According to them, the right hemisphere of the brain is the Creative end and the left hemisphere is the logical and through tests they are able to guide us which area of the brain is stronger. So riddle solved. But still my question remains is there two sides to the brain.


In general, for better control or performances, everything unique to mankind has both the positives and the negatives. Just like we have two hands and legs, two ears, eyes etc. But is it that we see the left side object through the left eye and vice-versa.


Aren’t we doing two things simultaneously? A simple e.g., while typing this article, I have made use of both  my hands, my eyes and probably my brain too. So why do people wish to know which end is stronger.


Come what may, the brain is a one being. Though it has been given two qualities logical and creativity, just like the mind and the heart. Best is to activate and use both the qualities than to ponder which one is stronger. Many a times it has also been seen that even when one side of the person is stronger, when tested the person has never been using that lobe or hemisphere. This may be due to many circumstances like environment (Home, School or peers), situation exposed to. Sometimes when exposed to a situation, even though you are logical brainer, you would have to use the creative brain. So aren’t both your brains highly active.



Knowingly or unknowingly, we humans due to the gift of thinking have complimented both the lobes of the brain. Though still people doubt whether they have used their brains to the fullest. We would not be able to point out to any individual who is tilted heavily towards one side only. Too logical or too creative. Coming to the point, both the lobes complement each other. A logical person too puts across his point would have to be creative i.e his convincing quality which may include his nonverbal communication, similarly a creative guy to put across his points needs to justify his point, which makes him touch the logical end.


So expected parents or even students who wish to make a career in the future and kids who are at their developing stages, please do focus on developing both the ends rather than finding out which one is stronger. Best way to work on the brain is by focusing on the brain as one identity.


Ways to Stimulate Both areas of the Brain:

  • ·         Ask questions: Don’t worry whether the question is relevant or not. If it was relevant, why would you want clarification. So ask questions, which stimulates your reasoning capacity
  • ·         Reason out: Most of the time, since we are kids or the youngest at home, we blindly follow what all say. Better than that ids to reason out with yourself more than others why it must be done. Don’t get into arguments, but surely get your reasons by clarification
  • ·         Do things differently: There is no harm if you happen to do things bit differently. It is better to be different than following the routine.
  • ·         Experiment: What is the use of learning something new, if you do not practice it. Learning becomes easier when learnt through experimenting. “Let me try this a different way”, should be your motto.
  • ·         Expose: Get exposure to all activities as much as possible. The more extracurricular activities you are involved in the more the brain is stimulated. Join sports, dance, music, essay or creative writing, GK and the lists never ends
  • ·         Participate: Just being exposed to activities will not help. You must put it into use. Any event in the area or schools, participate. You will know exactly where you stand and will give you a chance for further improvement.
  • ·         No Spoon feeding: Mainly elders follow this method with their younger ones. Elder siblings with the younger one, parents with their kids and not to forget the grandparents with their grand-children. They face a difficulty, thousands hands to help them with their issues at hands. Then the kids never learn to solve the problems by their own. Always dependent on others. Always wanting or asking for help.
  • ·         Penning thoughts: Most important is keeping track of your thoughts. The more you write the more aware you are of them and it gives you time to think and reach out to a solution
  • ·         Me-time: Very important is “Me” time. Spend sometime with you yourself. Instead of spending time on I-Pads, or video games or friends, spend some time with yourself. This gives you an insight to your capacity and chances to learn to reason out.


The end conclusion is that do not quiz yourself as to whether you are right brainy or left brainy. Instead of that let the mystery remain by you working on developing both the hemispheres of the brain and making it one entity. This makes you a wholesome person.




Two Halves of the BRAIN

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