I have done my masters in Clinical Psychology (MA Clinical Psychology) from S.N.D.T womens University.  During my internship I have worked under well known psychiatrist like Dr. Harish shetty, & Dr. Arun Naik & Dr.Matchiswala , and Hospitals like Nair, Masina, K.E.M, whereby under their expertise learnt to deal with various issues related to Psychotic and neurotic disorders (Schizophrenia, Paranoid, Multiple personality) and subtle issues related to work life stress, suicidal orientation, OCD. Also actively involved with addiction related issues.

Apart from the qualification, I have got myself well equipped with various certificate courses like Play therapy, Hypnosis, NLP, and Emdr.  The courses help me with my therapeutic sessions.

I have experience of 5 years, encompassing all aspects of Counseling and Assessments.

Currently working as a Career and guidance counselor, whereby guiding students through Aptitude tests.  As well as a School counselor helping the students to deal with their career related issues, behavioral issues and school management staffs. Also working as a Personal counselor dealing with relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and other issues. General testing related to IQ, Personality and assessments.

As a counselor I am also into Brain mapping, whereby guiding the person through their innate potentials by tapping the brain potentials. This is done through finger print analysis.