Counseling at Adaptive Minds follows a 4 step method/ process:

Open the Session:

The initial stage, whereby the client and therapists meet to evaluate and reason out and conclude issues or the diagnostic of an issue. This can be done by jut mere conversation and if need be Psychometric tests to gauge the depth of the issue faced. Ends with relaxation technique. If need be some homework is given to the client

Develop a Plan of Action:

Once the issue is diagnosed, next comes targeting the issue to lead to a solution. Before the session, the client is explained the process and what comes next in terms of therapies and sessions that would be required. Here it’s not the therapists but both the client and therapists works hand –in-hand to resolve the issues. Here is where different therapies are used, without the client knowing that therapies have \been used. At this stage its compulsory that the client is given back some work to be done by himself and then revert back.

Record and Close the Session:

Here the counselor and client meets up on the allocated time and day. Changes noticed are recorded and shared. Till the time issues are dealt with successfully, and the client feels comfortable to deal with issues by himself, the therapists acts as an aid.

One the client has generated the confidence the records are shared and case is deemed closed.

FOLLOW UP: This is a check on with the client, not a daily interference but a weekly and then monthly follow up (as decided by both) as to the progress and is the client able to work on their own.